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Hyper Realistic Ftm Packer

Our packers have very realistic glans, they’re coloured and with raised veins. Made with Medical Silicone, they are very soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, waterproof to smells and liquids.
We have a Sized model for all the needings: from 9 to 20 cm.
Those prosthesis  are handmade sculpted from Italian Art Maestro.
They come with Moving soft Tesicles and a Rod for Sexual Usage.
The Rod is thought and designed for the Ftm’s Pleasure. 
In other hand, Peeing is more simple with a vertical Hole.
A Pee-accessory can be included. 

# 1 Certified hygiene

Made with extremely fine, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial medical silicones.

#2 Not Cold at all

They will keep the same temperature of your body while you wear them. They will look like a part of you.

#3 So real to the touch

Made according to criteria of maximum likelihood: from veins to the wrinkles of the testicles. It will be a pleasure to feel it in your hands.

#4 100% Customizable

You can customize every aspect. Contact us to determine if we can make your perfect prosthesis.

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